Volvo F10-12 (1.33.x) edit mjtemdark

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Volvo F10-F12(1977-1987)
-Low cab and Globetrotter
-4×2,6×2 short[midlift,taglift, taglift single], 6×2 long(taglift taglift single), 6×4 short and long, 8×4 oversize.
-Independent Interiors
-Various Accessories
-Independent Sound
-Fixed kerb_weight bug
-Fixed truck dealer error
-Added two original transmissions (14 speed)
-Fixed some mirror textures
-Change Sound
-Fixed icon materials
-Remove fake single-rear-wheel definitions
-Some def changes
Structure changed and some missing accessories may show, for remove do the following
-Activate game-console
-Type “g_remove_missing_accessories=1” without quotes.
-Save game and reload
If you still have errors please buy the truck again
-To prevent errors please remove all fake single-rear-wheel accessories(tires, rims, nuts, hubs) for this truck before upgrade and use the single rear wheel chassis variants

Stas556,Chris, Gandorin,Mjtemdark, Ventyres


11 thoughts on “Volvo F10-12 (1.33.x) edit mjtemdark

  1. Ohh…. old…

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video here ….

    Nice truck !

  3. Sotos-2JZ

    Does it work with 1.32?

    1. mjtemdark

      Teorically works, but you can have some chassis weight bugs. if you can’ drive normally I recommend to use the 1.31.x version.

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…

  5. Bodyguardxp

    ETS 2 – VOLVO F10-F12 (Nostalji) [1.33]

  6. Nice mjtemdark, thanks for this

  7. İstanblue34

    Thank you bro

  8. Good mod, only I can not substitute any other color or company chin. The truck stays black

  9. UltraGeo2000

    When is this going to be updated for 1.35

    1. mjtemdark

      The update is ready now

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