Volvo F10 8×4 PBA

Volvo F10 8x4 PBA

What would fixed renewed:
– Now brand new a 4×2 chassi is doing
– The 8×4 chassi an extra came Schwertransport growing it.
– Now also mounting points for each car are to get light bracket etc.
– The pages covering the 8×4 would fixed because the tank looked somewhat laterally Rauss.
– The Volvo F10 Intercooler sign on the cooler of – F10 was fitted with a leuchtmat and people t now.
– The navigation system was made a little deeper now depends not so in the disc drinne.
– The pen holder and globe at Bort computer would be removed this is now a screen drinne where man can read the data better.
– The flashing lights are connected to the main transport structure with it.
– Now also a brand new mud flaps on each Chassi. Where it says (Old But nice).
– The pennants were removed in interior Bz in Interieör.
– In interieör would also shutters Distant.
– Now is brand new and in the cabins an illuminated Volvo sign in red to match the interior. lighting
– The 4×2 has chassi auspüffe to get.
– The engines are still revised several times as well as the gear etc weights of chassis.
– Tank content is still matched.
– In the Interior, a radio is available now.
– In the cabin are also new Anntenen were fit instaliert to the radio.
– On the mirrors are now also available Lollipops go with the normal to Lich.
– The mirrors are also suitable to be painted body color.
– Sign new heavy transport, boards, photos were added together.
– A new Interior curtain has been added.
– New lamps from 50k

Authors: Stass556, Chris, Gandorin

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7 thoughts on “Volvo F10 8×4 PBA

  1. if u use Euro Truck Simulator version [[[[[[[[1.8]]]]]]]]]] (yess. in 2014) u can use. This is an old, veeeeeeery oooooold version.

    if you use with v1.17 or above will crash some time.

    The original authors should create a current versioin to ETS2 1.17 at least

    Read carefully. no mention to 1.17 or above, This is just a republication of a very cool mod but very old mod.

  2. read carefully. no mention to ETS2 v1.17

    very old mod made in january /2014. if you have ETS2 v1.6. go ahead

    When original creators will updating to v1.17. it is a cool truck, but this mod is very outdated.

  3. Георгий

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    I’ll be very grateful
    Пожалуйста сделайте Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1 со своим компьютером.
    Буду вам очень благодарен.

  4. Micha_Mercedez

    Interesannt sind meine pips und Meine punkte ,schön
    Könnte mann dazu schreiben.

  5. Thomas DK

    I have this problem that the truck is to high for the trailers, so I can’t drive under the trailers and therefore I can’t pick up the trailers 🙁 Am I doing anything wrong?

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