Volvo F10 8×4 PBA v1.12


YouTube preview

New V6 Engine Sound
New exhaust System
Large tank contents
Motor separately in the shop to buy as 8×4
Now he consumes even less fuel
Shop Parts
The Volvo F10 is now also available on the Volvo dealer and not as before at Scania
Balance better distributed on the front tires
All axsen driven as a 4×4 version
To buy 8×4 in shop

Added 6 new types of chassis.
Added 1000HP engine.
Changed sounds.
New more accessories.



13 thoughts on “Volvo F10 8×4 PBA v1.12

  1. video just sucks!

    1. ahaha very funny the video!!

  2. Same old #### nothing new don’t download this ###### mod !

  3. Hakkebøf

    Volvo dont have V6.

  4. Lawrence0v0

    can right-hand drive?

  5. The worst truck driver!!! XD

    1. Best driver n/a* hahaha
      My dead grandma driver better xD

  6. Why even make an f***ing unrealistic engine to itm it ruins the whole game

  7. #### off ###### truck fake freeking engine

  8. @dr_jaymz

    my parrot drives and sounds better XD

  9. 44th MAC Bagger

    Complete reworked for 1.12?or only loadup old base?

  10. CZ_driver

    Hi, nice work! But left mirror hasn’t border.

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