Volvo F10 8×4


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Description: This mod adds a Powerful truck from volvo with new powerful engines, Compatible with version 1.15-1.16

Authors: 7amoo, Stass556, Chris, Gandorin


9 thoughts on “Volvo F10 8×4

  1. keeps crashing when i modify an fh16, the fh10 isnt showing in the dealership either

  2. HD video with the truck 🙂

  3. Stas please update this truck.


  4. 44th MAC Bagger

    These Mod was not real Finished or??
    These thing was a Bad Joke Axle weights not Balanced,Textures a bit like underwaterpicture of Intruments and some other bad things.I have used the Originel Mod and these Nasty thing was so far from it like Wega from Earth .

  5. hi the volvo F10 dashboard is not orginal can you fix the dashboard for volvo F10 to the orginal volvo F10 dashboard to the EST 2 mod pleas tanks from marcus

  6. hi, looks nice, but when i install this mod and enter the game, the lights of all other trucks look red, could it interefeer with other mods? im using v 1.15.1. pls help , i realy want to try tis truck

  7. Any chance for an update to patch 1.18? Would be great….

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