Volvo F10/F12 edit by mjtemdark for v1.30

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Volvo F10/F12 (1977-1987) is back for current version of ETS2. Thanks to mjtemdark and all the related modders for the hard work over this old beast!
The truck has:
> 2 cabins
> many chassis options
> realistic engines & transmissions
> 2 interiors (one for each cabin)
> skins
> metallic painting
> a few accessories
> own sound.
NEW upgrades by mjtemdark:
> Models & textures updated, reconverted for v1.30;
> Fixed compatibility errors;
> Remapped alternate UV;
> Interior accessories fixed, separated, fixed outside accessories;
> Added compatibility with DLC Toys & DLC Flags;
> Added paintable rims;
> Fixed global definitions;
> Fixed visible issues & empty spaces;
> Adjusted collisions;
> Other minors updates.
Full credits:
Stas556, Freddy Jimmink, Chris, Gandorin (model, skins)
Simos Papadopoulos (open pipe sound)
mjtemdark (editions & upgrades)
KEEP UP THE DOWNLOAD LINK. Mod working nicely with v1.30 of the game.

Stas556, Freddy Jimmink, Chris, Gandorin, Simos Papadopoulos, mjtemdark


18 thoughts on “Volvo F10/F12 edit by mjtemdark for v1.30

  1. Very very good! Thanks

  2. RiflerGamer

    Test video:

  3. This is one of the best Volvo oldies I have ever seen. Thank you for this great oldie 🙂

  4. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Original by Ventyres 😉

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  6. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.30

  7. martin5912017

    Nice mod But the sound is very very bad. I will not be downloading

  8. peperebvs

    bonjour tout le monde, trés bon mod, merci mais il y a un petit manque, on ne peut ni mettre de plaque chauffeur ni celle du convoyeur, y auras t-il une correction pour cela ?

  9. sarah1224

    Great mod but the sound is really bad. Please put better sound in.

  10. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here 😀

  11. Alter Aussehen Top Sound ein Flop Der Sound Sprengt meine Soundkarte der is so scheiße schlecht das selbst bei dem geratter meine Karte abschaltet Puuuuuh

  12. Hi!

    Wow, this is probably the best oldie truck mod for Euro Truck, Im driving it for 4 days and can’t stop. The atmosphere inside is amazing. I also like the sound, because it’s notably different from all the “beefy” sounding trucks that people seem to prefer. It feels unique because of the high pitched sound.

    The naked woman in the back… Haha I love seeing how youtubers
    swiftly turn away the camera when they discover it 😀 To be honest I really wanted an option to change it in the beginning but it really adds to the oldie trucker feel and makes the room seem more spacious.

    The only thing which I would love to be changed is removing the satellite phone, it looks too modern (even if it’s not, I don’t know) and the old radio in the middle is kind of very low res I would prefer to just have a slot there that would be compatible with SISL’s mega pack, there are a lot of things there that would look great in this place.

    Yeah I know, I can dream 😀

  13. MickyShades

    Thank’s for this great truck, I drove one back in the day, haven’t stopped driving this one since I found it. Could you please update it for 1.31 if that’s possible, i’m still driving 1.30 because I don’t want to lose this truck. Thanks again , back behind the wheel of the old F12, who’d have thought it

  14. Cant find it in any store… plz help.

    1. There’s an error in the truck dealer file.
      In the .sii file here:

      Search for “..” without the quotes, it’ll take you to an entry for “..volvof10.rnuts2”. Delete one of those periods so it becomes “.volvof10.rnuts2”. Save it & update the .scs file.

  15. Kieran moore

    Is it going to be made into a F1020 and F1220 next version?, If not can it be, I guessed by the F1220 rims and the flat roof, If so I have many F1220 pictures for reference to email to the authors. Also the roof has to be almost completely flat for an F1220.

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