Volvo F10 & F12 v1.45.3.5

– Standalone truck
– 2 cabs
– 11 chassis
– 10 engine + sounds
– 9 transmissions
– Interior
– Tuning parts
– Cabin accessories

– Updated model
– Fixed bugs
– Updated mod logo
– Corrected manifest version

scs, Stas555, Chris, Ventyres


2 thoughts on “Volvo F10 & F12 v1.45.3.5

  1. Jimmy Kristoffersen

    its not the same truck from picture

  2. Richard van G

    It is another truck then showed in the picture, it’s a Volvo F12, but not this one.
    Also it’s a verry bad model, the cabine interior is not matching the cabine in height, so there’s a strange gap between the roof and the sealing.

    XBS is working on a Volvo F10/12 for a while now, so i think if you want a F12 it’s worth waiting for XBS’s release.

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