Volvo F10-F12

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Changes by Truckercharly:

– fixed lowcab missing interior top in exterior sight
– deleted top lamps from lowcab
– added all known gearboxes (SR 70 12+2spd and SR 62 16 spd) with all original ratios and dif ratios (datas by original pricelist from 1985 for F10 and F12 in the info folder). Supported Volvo 12+2 gearconfig for Logitech G27.
– engine datas are now original, datas taken from a tab of enginedatas of all volvo engines (look at the jpg)
– added factory skin like the skin in “Auf Achse” at Volvo F12 driven by Günther Willers and
– added Willers original license plate ( M-ET 2626 ) and the T.I.R sign on the original position at 4×2 chassis (all other chassis has rng license plates)
– changed frame color into the similiar red like the same truck
– 2 different kinds in the truck dealer: one with 800 l round tank and one with 1200 l square tank, all chassis are possible in both versions
– added optional fan in the top left corner of the cab
– added 2nd toyhang; suitable rooffan and cb radio for it
– added some stuff from the good old age like kienzle papers (taken from my first modding crime ;-), the F16 with 8 interiors, a real crime 😉 )
– added the new dashboard, taken from the volvo F12-F16 series by Mahyar Ghasemi and MR Reza
– added Deutransskins

the sound will be selected by the tube NOT by the engine!!!
the 8×4 chassis is only suitable for engines with more then 356 hp!!!

Please not reupload !
Credits: Ventyres, Stas556, mjtemdark, Chris Simos, Papadopoulos, Mahyar Ghasemi, MR Reza, Truckercharly

Ventyres, Stas556, mjtemdark, Chris Simos, Papadopoulos, Mahyar Ghasemi, MR Reza, Truckercharly


27 thoughts on “Volvo F10-F12

  1. Are you planing to update your MAN F90 v 1.3.1 any time soon ??

    1. Truckercharly

      Yes, the F90 will be updated soon, also the NG 1632. But time is rare, because i drive also a truck in real life. Also planed are soundcapturing from different trucks like Scania 113 and 143 with stockpipe for a standardsound without any tunings. Also soundcapturing for different MAN and also from MB SK 2635 (V8). Must only find time for this all.

      1. Great news about F90,i love this truck!!!The exterior is just fine but the interior have some problems like the steering wheel is not centered in right position,speedometer not indicate acurate above 80km/h,texture is poor on the cabin,but i hope with time this problems ghet solution.Great job Truckercharly!!!

  2. good game and how to downloade this gaqme

    1. Digital X

      Buy it on Steam.

  3. Crashing when try to change chassis…. any solution?

    1. Truckercharly

      Without the reason of the error … no. It works fine at my game with different other mods together.

      1. Sorry my fault! Forget to disable old one that seems conflicting with this mod. Now it works fine.

  4. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  5. Please remove ugly stuff on interior!

    1. yes, is true

    2. Truckercharly

      Simple answer: NO …

  6. Dutch Skipper

    Finally! The real volvo from Gunther Willers,in the right colors.
    Truck has a great sound, and i do like the interior upgrade (i’m glad that the hot babe on the wll is still there), only things that could be better is the position from the roof & lowbar.

    The truck drives perfect, andi don’t have any isseus with other truck mods.

    Good work!

    1. Truckercharly

      The willers skin is not complete. In original he has a black frame with letters behind both doors. But nowhere i could find the text there in. In the series it is nowhere to see, what stands in. If i found it out, the skin will be updated. My next goal: find out the complete config of original Willers Volvo and make him as standalone with only 4×2, with only original engine and only original transmission. Nothing to choice and select and as standalone to this F10/F12, so that both works together. And for the ex GDR-Truckers: The next goal as a standalone F10 (not F12) is original Deutrans Versions. This Volvo has a realy great potential for originaly replicas.

  7. This would be fantastic with right hand drive. Do you plan to do that at some point?


    I love this truck. Very good mod to have. Thank you very much.

    Realstic tuning and best of all: engine sound change based on exhast pipe selection. Awesome!

    Only sugestion I can make: Add diff lock indicator on dash.

  9. darkexplorer64

    Fantastic truck!!!
    HD test:

  10. Thomas Marcussen

    Hi. First off great truck and thanks for all the work put into this. I have an issue though. When using my Rift it’s as if the camera zooms when turning my head. This kinda gives me a headache. Can this be fixed? Also advanced coupling is not working for me.

  11. DefstaSix

    Hi. I have a question. Is this truck for all trailers? becouse I can not hang a trailer because the truck is higher than the trailer is this intention? Or did I make a mistake?

    1. Thomas Marcussen

      I’ve had the same issue on a couple of loads . Had to ram it pretty hard but it worked. That is after having also turned off advanced coupling. Only mods are this truck and latest ProMods.

  12. I too have problems with this truck and “Advanced Trailer Coupling” The truck is too high when ATC is enabled, I used the 6×4 chassi. My games is ETS 2 1.28 + all DLCs and when tested this mod this truck was the only active mod.

  13. Whenever I install this mod, the game crashes after I quit it. Is there any way to fix the error?

  14. Hi,
    Very good job, but there is no sound, when I drive it.
    Could you please help me ?
    Thanks ! 🙂

  15. Is it possible to remove all the stuff from the interior? The videos show people adding more stuff and curtains, but not removing existing the stuff and curtains. I prefer a clean interior.

  16. I play with version
    I can buy it and use it but when I restart the game I have more bodywork at the cabin and it crashes the game

  17. anyone who can confirm that it works on 1.30 at least alone without other mods installed? ive been struggling playing it on 1.30

  18. Matthew Chu

    Sorry about that I do not know why there is always a steering wheel under the vehicle…

    How should I fix it?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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