Volvo F10 Frans Maas Combi


Tested on

Ventyres, dmitry68, Stas556, Jan Lichtendahl.
Original is indead from Stass556 (?) and Dimitri(something)
Re-modded by Kenneth Mühlbrandt and Erling Mühlbrandt.


3 Responses to Volvo F10 Frans Maas Combi

  1. Lommerts says:

    Lovely truck, especially with this skin. 😉
    Good old Frans Maas, another golden classic company which doesn’t exist anymore.

    • sar1971 says:

      yep it’s nice to see this, My dad use to pull for then back in the 1980’s

  2. richard says:

    Great!oftewel WAANZINNIG!
    I love the company skins from the ’80s.

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