Volvo F10 Globetrotter / Sties / Van Den Bosch

Volvo-F10-Globetrotter-Sties-Van-Den-Bosch-6 Volvo-F10-Globetrotter-Sties-Van-Den-Bosch-5 Volvo-F10-Globetrotter-Sties-Van-Den-Bosch-3 Volvo-F10-Globetrotter-Sties-Van-Den-Bosch-4 Volvo-F10-Globetrotter-Sties-Van-Den-Bosch-1 Volvo-F10-Globetrotter-Sties-Van-Den-Bosch-2

Volvo F10 Truck with 3 Skins:
– Globetrotter
– Sties
– Van Den Bosch

Authors: Freddy Jimmink, Stass556, Erling Mühlbrandt, Kenneth Mühlbrandt


20 thoughts on “Volvo F10 Globetrotter / Sties / Van Den Bosch

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    You can only use 1 truck in game at the time, othrise it will conflict, that means You can chosse or Sties, or vd Bosch, or Globetrotter,

    Tested in

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Sties is skinned by SkaneSteve, re-worked by Freddy jimmink

  3. jimmy is it standalone and can i put my own skin on it using template? is it included regards ian

  4. Very good,but why is the sound not so high ??

  5. I love the model but can you make the stuff inside optional? I’m not a big fan of messy interior 😛
    The GPS, glasses and chart is nice but the ‘globe-thing’ radio and coke I don’t like so much 🙂 besides that really awesome, my favorite Volvo truck!

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    It replaces standard Volvo_7 at all Volvo dealers

    And the interior will stay this way because it s too much to do.

    Thanks all

  7. roman. sk

    Excuse my English language through goggles translate. this volvo is unreality and classic truck mod I’ve been waiting. Pity the silence sound engine but inal Many thanks! This is the true classic truck!

  8. About bundling these trucks, wouldn’t it be better to take the skins and add them to one of the existing 3D models?
    In this case you would only have to install one truck and could still use the skins/liveries/paintjobs. 😉

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    If You have the knowlagde and skills it will e poxxible but we don’t, so than this way, besides the lightox needs still another name and mudflaops need that 2 and i think that isn’t possible i think?

    And hereby i invite You to join my group:

  10. marcus bergroth

    can you help me a well have daschbord meters in km and volvo F 10 orginal dacsh bord meters in km and not mail pleas can you fixed that problems tahnks from marcus

  11. Why not a 4×2?

  12. Andrei Benescu

    Did you take that girl from the back?Please say me you did it.

  13. van den Bosch

    Hello, can you make the van den Bosch skin voor all trucks


  14. Jeesh, The front of that truck, is eXACTLY the model of truck i used to draw as a kid! Thanks for the smile!!! (it’s been about 30-ish years since then)

  15. Freddy I’ve been told that u could build me a mod that is rather close to my heart and that is a kenworth w model sar with an 8v92 they made one for 18wos and it’s almost perfect but I want to be able to make some changes to it so if u could help me that would be amazing

  16. Why don´t you upload to a site that is more friendly to download from. I can´t download this mod.

  17. Can you please check, if this wonderful F10 runs on the 1.9.xx update. I love this truck very much and also wanna thank you guys to publish this here. It looking really cool. Some years back i drove it in Berlin for some years.

  18. Snake8106

    How to download? downloaded client only iLivid ((((

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