Volvo F10 v1.4.x+


Tested: 1.7.1s
F10 kinst_Stas556_dmitry68
For version 1.4. +
The authors of the original model for the GTS :
Model & Convert by Ventyres
Further work – Kinssst @ – added additional right mirror , a computer
in the lounge .
Cheat Angel – 6×4 model provided ( served as a donor)
wirtze – pulled out of the cassette model KAZa (author Newuser).
Envelope , animation and launch of the GTS in ETS2 – dmitry68 and
Who has not entered correct , ‘s update !
The model is fully independent, registered their sound , wheels, has
its interior, original animation , camera present passenger
Bought Volvo in the cabin .
As a supplement is a trailer ” Sovtransavto ” replaces all prefab .
Who knows authors trailer prompt ‘s update !
Thanks to all who participated in this project.
Special thanks dmitry68!
When distributing a large fashion , please do not forget to write the
authors !
Enjoy the game !

Stas556, dmitry68.


2 thoughts on “Volvo F10 v1.4.x+

  1. i loved this truck when it out in 1982/83 it’s very great to drive it in ETS THANKS

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