Volvo F10/F12 edit by mjtemdark for v1.27

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The Volvo F10/F12 (1977-1987) is back for v1.27 of ETS2. Thanks to mjtemdark and all the modders involved for keeping these old beasts alive in the game!
The truck has:
> 2 cabins
> many chassis options
> realistic engines & transmissions
> 2 interiors (one for each cabin)
> skins
> metallic painting
> a few accessories
> own sound.
NEW upgrades by mjtemdark:
> Interior re-decorated (changed colors of the buttons), added new animations (differential, lift axle), calibrated indicators (re-animated);
> Separated front and side curtains (now both can be removed);
> Separated spare tire, relocated according to chassis (also can be removed);
> New collisions, fixed rear collision with incorrect rotation;
> Added compatibility with the “advanced trailer coupling”;
> Added 6×2 lift short chassis;
> Added paint and chrome mirrors, now you can do skins for the spoiler too;
> Added alternate UV (reduced template for skins);
> Updated defs & models.
Full credits:
Stas556, Freddy Jimmink, Chris, Gandorin (model, skins)
Simos Papadopoulos (open pipe sound)
mjtemdark (upgrades & fixes)
DON’T CHANGE THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK! Mod works only with v1.27 of the game.

Stas556, Freddy Jimmink, Chris, Gandorin, Simos Papadopoulos, mjtemdark


8 thoughts on “Volvo F10/F12 edit by mjtemdark for v1.27

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. The Best Video Test :
    4K HD

  3. how about removing the junk from the inside.

  4. Nice+truck.+Please+do+a+standalone+version,+it+causes+some+coflicts+with+FH2012+by+Eugene.

  5. in case it happens to have all horns gone from any other trucks, first thing to do is to remove this truck!!! and horns will come back…
    I have no idea what causes this but should be corrected asap in respect to other trucks 😉 otherwise it’s a nice truck with no other errors

  6. FULLCredits and no word from Ventyres there? LOL
    He made both trucks, F10 and F12

  7. I remember the older versions of this truck had far better engine and air brake sounds. This sound is terrible. Too bad, I really like this truck.

  8. how i can add this truck in ets2 ?

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