Volvo F12 + Interior


GTS: Ventures; convert to ETS 2: kirill73rus


7 thoughts on “Volvo F12 + Interior

  1. What is the difference between this an earlier Volvo F12 from \kirill73rus\ ???

  2. Gunther Willers

    I also can’t see any difference between these mods…
    The truck still has a broken window!

  3. can you made a fh12 grobbetrucker?

  4. It’s ugly as ####!

  5. I put the file in MOD section but donno how it becomes active on ETS2, can anyone help?

  6. Standalone or not?
    I’m asking this because the previous one replaced the entire volvo fh-range.

    1. Joe Alker

      Nope, still not standalone.

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