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26. 6. 2016

Volvo F16 by Ventyres to ETS2 by Punisher
Tested on v
Volvo F16 – V1.scs with Template

-Fully Standalone
-Full AO by Ventyres

-Copy the scs file to ‘Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod’

-Activate before entering your profile

-Navigate to any Volvo Dealer in Europe/Scandinavia/Poland
Model by Ventyres
Engine and Gearbox scripts by Kristian Martinovic (I (Punisher) was unable to use the scripts he provided because it was crashing
the game but I will try to figure it out for V2, all I did was use the names he provided to replace the SCS Stuff for
Interior Animations by Ventyres, Stas
Convert to ETS2 by Punisher 3D.
MY FACEBOOK PAGE: ‘The Punisher 3D Productions’.

Authors: Ventyres, Kristian, Stas, Punisher


17 thoughts on “Volvo F16

  1. Can you please add a 6×2 chassis?

  2. TYVM

  3. Its fully bugged off, steering column extends through a mask. There is no tuning, interior qualifies to rework.
    Dont download it.

  4. AlexCrazy

    old mod, not upgraded, all files in mod from May – June 2015

  5. same truck you uploaded in may past year.. just an update to v1.24… still dont see any wipers on the windshield 🙁
    you always tell people you dont have time for anything and we just have to be patient. If you dont have time for your projects why dont give them to people who you trust and have the time for it?
    same for the scania 4 series. i love your work dont get me wrong, but they are never finished somehow. I would like to see this Volvo or the Scania complete for once and not just updated for the latest version, because of that i wont even consider downloading it until it will have atleast some freaking wipers on the windshield, I dont need alot of tuning options, just a COMPLETE truck!

    games like ETS2/ATS stay alive by regular updates but most of all because of high skilled modders like you! we need guys like you!!
    dont ever take my comment as an insult, its just the way alot of ETS2/ATS players see it.

    people also have to stop with the paymods its rediculous, not if the modder puts alot of time and dedication in it ofcourse, in that case i totally agree to set a price, but most payed mods are stolen from a free mod, added slight changes, still ####, and going for sale for a rediculous amount of money!

    my advice: if you see a mod on facebook or whatever and people ask money for it? for example a scania tandem, just browse a few mod sites and the chance is 95% you will see this mod slightly different for free created by the original author,

    1. have to add this before people interpret it in the wrong way. with stealing mods i dont mean punisher stealing mods, more like modders who steal from punisher. i hate people who steal work from another

  6. Not for nothing but I am pretty sure Punisher didn’t upload this again just so you know before criticising him

    1. look at the author section, this truck is also his work. amazing work dont get me wrong! i used this mod last year so my intention isnt critisism (also explained that in my comment if you have readed the entire comment) so hows your opinion? you like reuploads of unfinished work or do you like finished mods?

      1. ThePunisher

        Rick I did not upload this, I don’t know who did it, read my comment below.

  7. I am pretty sure he didn’t upload it I can upload anything I want and give credits to the author that doesn’t mean that the author uploaded it, he would have made a comment about it on his FB page about an update for 1.2 whatever before posting it anywhere

    1. did not realise that. i stand corrected. just mad about all those reuploads and stolen mods ###…

  8. ThePunisher

    Guys this was not uploaded by me, I only released one version of this, the one from last year. This was uploaded by someone else. My only recent update was the 1.23 update for the 4 Series. I do not know who is responsible for this upload and I only use mediafire.

    1. thanks for the reply! so annoying you cant see the publishers name:(
      this site really needs some fixing, i was like ### another reupload…. :/ but its just some ### stealing again.. time to get user profiles for this site and if people upload stolen stuff its easier to trace back and give them a permanently ban.

      1. Ciao Rick, I fight every day against these people
        I can not stand those mods steals? ? ?
        those blocks mods free? ? ?
        Who does not add the credits (the original authors)? ? ?
        I will not use you tube but I wanted to share a tutorial, how to add trailers in ets2studio, and I received criticism? ? ?
        for this reason many modders disappear.
        I want to thank ThePunisher for his work
        Ciao ciaoZ
        Sorry for my English non corretto

  9. denunciado ¡¡¡

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    Test HD on my youtube channel:

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