Volvo FH 12-16 I Generation v 1.2 Fixed


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1 cabin
1 chassis
6 engine
2 Gearbox
His salon
its sounds
Many tuning
Added in quick job
Supports DLC Cabin Accessories

– 4 kinds of bumper
– 6 types of glasses
– 2 types of lower grille
– 2 types of lower-marker lights
– 2 types of points lower dimensional headlights
– 2 types of edging upper grille
– 2 type turn signals
– 2 types of upper grille
– 2 types of pens
– 4 types of the lower wings
– 4 kinds of upper wings
– 6 types of fixed mirrors
– 3 types of front mirrors
– 2 kinds of side mirrors
– 3 types of wipers panel
– 16 species visor
– 2 types of trains lights
– lamp for cab
– 2 kinds of spoilers
– 2 types of strips in the saloon (wood and plastic)
– 4 types of exhaust pipe
– 4 types of rear wing
– 2 types of flooring for the booth
– 48 design options Globe
– 6 types of rights tanks
– 14 species left tanks
– 3 types of Receivers
– 7 types of license plates

Change: fixed collision truck (Adwanced Coopling), fixed errors, added in quick job, fully standalone model

version 1.24

Authors: Sergey Lunin, Fixed, adapted, – Phantom


15 Responses to Volvo FH 12-16 I Generation v 1.2 Fixed

  1. Diablo says:

    Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  2. keme says:

    please make low cab with spoiler too 😀 and uv mapping too for paint hehe

  3. JoachimK says:

    1.) How many People wants to earn Money with Videos??? 🙁

    2.) One Truck with more than 2,2GB ?

  4. senninha says:

    this truck can be 2.2 gb , but man this is the best fh12 in the game , say that because i try a lot of fh12 , and only problem is he need a 380 badget and he need a chassi 6×2 n 6×4 , and low cabin and globettroter cabin , this truck is so good

    normal cabin=
    globettroter cabin =

    6×2 mid lift

    globettroter with spolier

    low cabin with spolier 6×2

    i hope we can see this type of change log this mod is amazing

    • Joe the gamer says:

      My friend, try the Volvo FH12 edited by Solaris36!!!!!! 🙂 Is a lot better than this one!!!!!!! Has MUCH more options to customize, and YES, it has 380 badge!!!!!! 🙂 Tell me if your’e interested or not and i can give you a download link…

  5. Theosz says:

    2.2 Gb it seems overdone!!!

    Only tradditional truck modders can say it is or is not. (without compress file, of course)

  6. Daniel M. says:

    It’s possible to get a template to skin this truck? Really looking forward for that.

    • Joe the gamer says:

      Search YouTube for “How to create a skinning template in ETS2” You just need GIMP / Photoshop and Blender

  7. MAN E6 TGX26.480 Driver says:

    this mod has been made greatly. i love the sound, yes it could do with more cabin and chassis options. also, the first truck i drove after getting my HGV license was a 97′ Volvo FH12 380 6×2 midlift. so I’d like to suggest something small to the sound to make it as it should be in the interior. remove the blinker_off sound or just turn the volume down on it completely, as the real indicator sound for these volvo’s is nothing other than a bleep. thank you for sharing though and i will be downloading once i return home from vacation in Benidorm.

  8. tBundy says:

    Joe the gamer : Have you link on FH12 by Solaris36 on 1.24 version? thx

    • Joe the gamer says:

      Yeep, search for Volvo FH12 edited by Solaris36 on this webpage, go to the comments for that mod, and at the end of the comments you’ll find a functional link, made by me! 🙂 Enjoy!

  9. zonda says:

    doesnt show in my volvo dealer

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