Volvo FH 13 truck


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have a 6*4 chassis
have a 4*2 chassis
kelsa upgrades modeling by hamed 30

mod author=aslan808&hamed30&ehsan musavi

DOWNLOAD 98 MB mediafire
DOWNLOAD 98 MB sharemods

8 thoughts on “Volvo FH 13 truck

  1. Hamidreza

    Nice Mod…Thanks

  2. TheBlackLion.

    Bed bug

  3. no dont virus you should setup exe file for extract
    files ok

  4. Verry nice…

  5. matty jones

    i can never understand why people make these mods?
    When the truck is already in in the game with high detail and alot accessories slots, and with the amount of mods that come each day for parts and tuning or skins and sounds etc ya can utterly make your dream truck without having to download a mod that has low detail, numerous amounts of bugs and low tuning levels? i mean what is the point of it serious?

    1. Because the base scs model is not realistuc. The shape of the cabin is redicules bad and it looks shabby and not like real one. The other thing is that this isnt a truck that scs made to ets2. This is a 13l engine which means that it is a diffrent truck from the fh16. This looks realistic too and have the tuning options u dont have in other addons mod to the scs volvo. Also in interior 😉

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