Volvo FH 16 750 Promotion truck


Modded by the Punisher,
Engines /painted grill by Volidas Athens Hellas
Re-modded by Kenneth Mühlbrandt Erling Mühlbrandt & Robin Puckot Den Allsmäktige

Skinned by Jan Lichtendahl & Freddy Jimmink
Interior skinned by Freddy Jimmink

This is a complete mod with truck mdifications and painted interior,

To avoid conflicts keep all other Volvo 2013 mods out of Your mod map

And if You don’t like it, please don’t tell anyone!

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8 thoughts on “Volvo FH 16 750 Promotion truck

  1. looks very cool but i have question where can i find those front mud flaps most of them i have tried and they come up with errors in console?

  2. alecssander

    o melhor jogo do mundo de truck so isso mas nada

  3. alecssander

    e a skin e muito bonita com bino com a nova volvo

  4. Scaniadriver

    try these ones man…they work on 1.7.0 and are from 1.4 i think…
    they are only for the others so i think he change the files.

    @freddy amazing man greets scaniadriver(sandrajahn)

  5. I LIKE

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks guys,

    And the mudflaps i didn’t change, i use TC_Megamix mo 7.5.1 modified by ?? and TC_ 3.0 modified by ??
    these mods must be here on the site

    1. scaniadriver

      Here?for 1.7.0?didn’t found it also google no match found.look for a good tuning mod for 1.7.0…with real tuning and no lambo wheels or rainbow lights.put it in to your mod?at small dealer gamecrash have to look at larger one.greets

  7. scaniadriver

    forget?this tuning is working for all or only your fh?

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