Volvo FH 2009 Tuned Engines


You will get the following engines:
– D16G800 Stage 1:
16 Liter V8, 800 HP, torque of 3950 NM and a normal engine break
– D16G900 Stage 2:
17 Liter V8, 900 HP, torque of 4750 NM and a better engine break then 800HP version
– D16G1000 Stage 3:
18 Liter V8, 1000 HP, torque of 5500 NM and a better engine break then 900HP version

Author: Tobias_Rieper_GER


2 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2009 Tuned Engines

  1. сабухи

    блять кидайте моды на версию

    1. Tobias_Rieper_GER

      Pls write in english, i cant understand you.

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