Volvo FH 2012 180000 hp Engine

180000 hp Engine

Extra Engine for Volvo FH 2012 Truck:
– HP: 180000
– Torque: 180000
– Max.Speed 230 km/h

Author: Kriegerbeere


8 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2012 180000 hp Engine

  1. I believe I can fly … I could puke in such mods.

  2. is there a badge inculded – super-######?

  3. Shogoon1984

    Who need this ####?
    It’s a Simulator, not a racing game…..

  4. Nonsense, I with an engine of 880 hp and 21 speed transmission can also drive with 230 kmh, or with a cargo weighing 20t, at a speed of 200 kmh, of course, on a straight line.
    But it is already dangerous driving !!!
    Your engine is actually unrealistic and belongs to the imagination more
    immature child. I would recommend to accept more serious things.

  5. Faelandaea

    Mostly the ETS2 community is an adult and mature community. I would not expect folks to jump and think you are cool because you found out how to add a text file and add a ton of “0”s onto a line.

    I wish i knew why people insist on buying ETS2 when they clearly want to be playing GTA V. Did they not read the game title when they made their download?

  6. ###### Mod! That´s not enough hp!
    I need 180010! At least!

  7. -BWUUUURK !!!!

  8. 180.000hp

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