Volvo FH 2012 New Chassis


New Chassis for Volvo FH 2012 Truck

Author: jgut


20 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2012 New Chassis

  1. Video ????

    1. nportegies

      Fred gewoon proberen, je weet niet wat je mee maakt !!
      Perfect deze mod !!

  2. thx. can u share this skin?

  3. thx for sharing, awesome!!! cool!!! but I recieved some issues:

    1)[sdk] prism::sdk::telemetry_set_provider: Attempt to set provider for non-existent index 8 on channel ] warnings messages

    2) Express default paint have a problem with sideskirt (letters inverted)

    ETS2 v1.8.2.5s +DLC and only this mod installed

  4. Nice but can you update your Scania EXC longline to patch 1.10.1 and make it standalone and make it work with the Scania multimod by zilpzalp

    1. Don’t want much do you.

      1. Jguts first version of the Scania EXC Longline was brilliant I used one of the chassis’ from that mod from patch version 1.3.1 to about 1.7 1.8 loved it sadly had to deactivate the mod because it was starting to cause errors but the reason for the standalone part is to allow for the compatibility with zilpzalps Scania multimod

  5. dommage pas compatible avec ets 1.9….

  6. the game crash on V1.10

  7. nportegies

    Works great in 1.9.22.

    What a lot of possibilities with this mod.
    Maybe this also for other brands, brilliant.
    A mod with a lot of types of cabs and chassis and axles.

    My gratitude is great

  8. A mod with a lot of types of cabs and chassis and axles.
    but 1.10.1 is the same bugs as previous version + more :
    – new slide skirts RED
    – loosing frames or lag in game
    – Shadow on long Chassis
    – Damaging trailers
    it’s a great mod but have to be more worked to be the best ; )

    thanks again Jgut

  9. can you make a crane to all the long chassis?


  10. Can you do this for the Scania R??That would be fantastic and maybe add some straight pipes

  11. Migara Madawa

    Mode Is Great.Please Give It For Scania R And Streamline.For Game Version 1.10

  12. mikeboy96

    can you make it for scania

  13. Faelandaea

    Works perfect on Thank you. 🙂

  14. What level do u unlock the chassis at?

    1. for daf pleas….

  15. fix the bug where it got caugth running red ligth when it stopped before it gets

  16. When for the 1.25 patch?

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