Volvo FH 2012 Tuning v 11.3

Volvo-FH-2012-Tuning-v-11.3-4 Volvo-FH-2012-Tuning-v-11.3-3 Volvo-FH-2012-Tuning-v-11.3-2 Volvo-FH-2012-Tuning-v-11.3-1

This mod adds 8 x 6 chassis, side sills, the refraction of light, painted grill, mirror, skins and more. Among the skins have Metallica and Dedeman skins

Author: ohaha


8 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2012 Tuning v 11.3

  1. Metallica is my own skin ^_^;

  2. you should add your Gearbox 8 and keep the 12 speed in choice.

  3. I have a red mirror error.It should be in truck paint.How to fix it?

  4. jameswied


    1. 10001000111110000

      please update for patch 1.11 & +

      cheers 🙂

  5. how to remowe decal from sunroof on sleeper cab?

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