Volvo FH 2012 Ultimate Tuning v 1.1

Volvo-FH-Ultimate-Tuning-v-1.1-1 Volvo-FH-Ultimate-Tuning-v-1.1-2 Volvo-FH-Ultimate-Tuning-v-1.1-3 Volvo-FH-Ultimate-Tuning-v-1.1-4 Volvo-FH-Ultimate-Tuning-v-1.1-5

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– Additional Interiors (note there are quite a few including a very nice)
– New Skins companies
– Skins on the area of ​​the light beam (Note, but without light beams, only possible skins on this area of ​​the truck)

Game versions: 1.8.2 – 1.9.8

Authors: Moders Team Polen, AU44, Basti73, Kielu, EdekLS, InterTIR32, Konradoss16, TheMrKarolus, Gracek23, Geist Kru129, scenerio, Kuba141, Skiba, Schausteller


24 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2012 Ultimate Tuning v 1.1

  1. Can you make this mod available for all trucks?


  3. ako stiahnem aktualizaciu 1.9

  4. Can make it for all the trucks

  5. dodo ty si …píš anglicky lebo ti nerozumejú…

    Aktualizácia 1.9 ešte nieje oficiálna !!! Musíš počkať pokiaľ vyjde,bude na TPB ! Teraz je ešte len beta testovacia s mnoho chybami – neviem načo ju vôbec niekto ťahá…

    Works perfect on

  6. TheDriverX

    i love volvo fh16 2014

  7. a test video?

  8. Doesnt’ work with 1.9.22s, the default interior is missing. The truck interior is “transparent”.

  9. Hello, please, can you do just passenger mod for Renault Magnum??? I wait for a long time. Thanks in advance!

  10. it don’t work on my game? help please?

  11. One of the best Volvo-Mods EVER!

    @ Dani reg. “transparent interiors”: I was confused by this too after I activated this mod and re-started the game. Simply drive to your local dealer/workshop, choose a cabin and some tuning, then everything should be fine.

    @ Dylan: as we all are no fortune-tellers, mentalists or something it is really hard to say what might be wrong with your game… You should give more information when asking for help.

    1. Thanks! This is solved my problem. But I have another one. :/ I have the trailers pack 1.8.2 mod. When I buy the accessories what I want, and trying to attach a trailer, it didn’t. Without this tuning mod, I don’t have similar problem.

  12. very good mod.i drink es!

  13. Air horn does not work in version 1.9.22

  14. kiedy bedzie takie coś do scani nie streamline

  15. Does this mod work with a right hand drive truck ???

  16. Hehe.. A volvo aint supposed to have a S-U-P-E-R badge… that is Scania brand 🙂 Volvo use Boss Trucks 🙂

  17. The red and white led not lighting.please fix that

  18. Absolutely love this mod and have it runing on 1.12 what would be the chance on doing the same for dafs ?

  19. На 1.11.1 потянет?

  20. Please please please do some more work on this mod yeah i know it’s still working on 1.15 beta but please could you update it so we can have sideskirts with the 6×2 taglift. And if it’s possble make it work with punnishers full paint mod

  21. Random user

    Please make it compatible for v1.16

  22. german_etsuser

    Please please please update for 1.21 or 1.22 please

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