Volvo FH 2013 5 Skinpack


The Punisher for sharing the mods Full paint Volvo FH 2013
and 6×2 5×4 sideskirts

Volidas Athens Hellas for sharing the mod Painted grill/engines

On this Volvo i skinned :

Kingna Surhuisterveen (total reskinned)
Pleyms Sweden, with thanks to J.J. Troeng Designs Norway
Bengst Äkeri AB
Uldall Danmark
Flying Dutchman

All skins are made by Freddy Jimmink

Note: if there is any simulatrity with skins made by others, doen’t waste
Your time to comment me, i never made an Eddie Stobart skin
(99 different skins by 100 people)

Link may be distributed to other websites, but give credits!


23 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2013 5 Skinpack

  1. Leah Elena

    Pleyms is NOT from Sweden.
    It’s a Norwegian company from Vadso in North Norway.
    Check theire website for confirmation jackass.

  2. Freddy jimmink

    thanks for the information dear sir, and my excuses to make that dumb mistake!

    But please do me a favor mate, mind Your language You little #####!

  3. Leah Elena

    Please de me a favor as well mate.
    Check facts before posting what you think is true.
    Sometimes what you think is true what you may have heard from others.

  4. Freddy jimmink

    i switched the countries and thanks how our little ##### reminds me about that, pleyms is indead from Norway and J.J. Troeng is from Sweden

  5. Now, now little kiddies!! Behave yourselves!! Thanks for the skins!!

  6. GhostRunner

    Good job Freddy like everything you do. I am a fan of your creations.Thank’s for sharing your works!!!

  7. please give another download link, my PC doesn’t like spyware and malware! looks good all the same

  8. Leah Elena

    the download link works fine.
    there is no spyware and no malware.

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks for checking Leah Elena and sorry for my riude reaction

    Link works indead fine, but maybe You have to check the configuration of your Ineternet security?

  10. Mikeedude

    Thanks for sticking them all in one d/l makes life a lot easier.

  11. Awesome skin again.. 🙂

  12. Excellent.

  13. Leah Elena

    No problem.
    By calling you a jackass wasnt rude ment either.
    But I have a question about the Bengst Aakeri skin.
    The white and blue.
    On the picture you can see that where the volvo badge is located that area is white!
    But for me since I use ohaha’s Volvo and the Pleyms skin, the same area is black on my truck!
    I have talked to ohaha about this but he said that, that area is not ment to be skinnable!!!
    Any ideas?

  14. What does this mean?
    Mt-design skini thief stole this skin.
    Freddy Jimmink all skin types edilir.Yazdı yuuuuh
    disrespect for the study

  15. Imma get me some popcorn and let ya’ll get at each other while i have a great time. Btw .. Freddy boy .. good work on the skins,again. Cheers.

  16. Freddy Jimmink

    leah Elena the truck from bengts i skinned from this picture:

    so i am/was confinsed that it nearly is/was okay,
    than Your next question: either you choose for the Ohaha V3 version or for the Punsher version, You can’t have both jet untill somebody (a modder) fix the problem or combine both versions, it would be no problem for Ohaha as a modder to make a change i guess,

    Mmtt nobody steals a skin and MT design did’t steal it, they gave their own identity on it, i prefer to keep it as near as i can get to the original, that’s why i studied before making it,

    Than for all of You; Thanks for the great words and drive safe and keep on truckin’ guys!


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. This is my skin, unauthorized use.
      Siz not get a permission to use

  17. Bu benim deri, izinsiz kullanımıdır.
    Siz kullanmak için izin almak değil

  18. LAffin me #### of here..

    OI the dude sayin the skin was stolen blahhh blahhh..

    just think yerself lucky its ONLY a truck skin …

    could be Worse,,,coulad be ya 4 skin he stole …hahahhahahahahahahahahhaha

    cut n paste a few colors on it and Sweet .. hahahaha

  19. Nice skins. And that beacon is also quite a nice candy.

    But all the other stuff is unnecessary for a “skin pack”. I had to throw it all out, because it was messing up all the mod I chose to use with the Volvo (Nightson’s Black Interior, Volvo FH16 Fix by Jgut and the flare pack I use).

    I think a “skin pack” should be as slim as possible, therefore should focus on the skins and should not contain stuff/additional mods which people might not even want to have.

  20. Freddy Jimmink

    Th remark of MT Designs is waste of time, go to the SCS rules and check! Second if You make a skin, make it good or keep off!

    I hate people claiming that it is theirs! But okay MT Design stick the credits somewhere where te sun don’t shine! Every blind fool can see (and i have only 16% visabillity) the diffference and the care i stick in to it!

    Again an Eddie Stobart is an Eddie Stobart! No 1 is moaning about that! But it is Freddy Jimmink, so spit om him ey?

  21. Freddy Jimmink

    The pictures below will show that MT Designs is stealing the same skin i stole from them, but i am authorized to make it, and i must say i did a hell of a job!

    And this is the last i wanna hear about it!

    So admin please no reactions any longer, and when it is possible no reactions anymore by new tings i am placing on Your site,

    Thank You

  22. truckergeerard

    jo Freddy jou werk is formidable thank you so much!!!

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