Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v 17.8s

Volvo-FH-2013-by-ohaha-1 Volvo-FH-2013-by-ohaha-2

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Version 17.8s:
– Restructured the front of the truck
– The headlights can now be chosen regardless of front engine grids
– Front engine grids are now in 4 simple variants (FH, Brushed FH16, High polish FH16, Paint)
– Added two extra options with protection mesh on headlights (black and chrome)
– Small tweaks and fixes

Author: ohaha

DOWNLOAD 27 MB [Sharemods]

11 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v 17.8s

  1. how to remove front volvo mudlap

  2. how to remove volvo front mudlap?

  3. can more hp?

  4. i have strange issue, AI Volvos dont have front bumpers

  5. Good truck can I have the templates for your 2013 truck? thanks

  6. Whiskeytangofox5

    would you add a 6×4 / 6×6 chassis with a crane sort of a forestry variant. this mod is very very high quality and I hope you continue to update and bug fix it

  7. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo

    Almighty ohaha strikes again! :p

    Thanks for your epic mods!

    I do have a problem as to where AI trucks (both ohaha daf & volvo) have only part of their entire front end. Some of it is just gone!

    Either it’s due to my other mods, due to ETS2 just not liking ohaha mods or there’s just a little bug/glitch.

    Anyway, thanks for all these epic “reworks” of trucks! (Even tho it would be nice to have Scania by ohaha 😀 ) but let’s not complain about that lol.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. thank you for this great mod everything works fine

  9. Ledipekka

    Great mod, but can you make a stone quard to front window. i have seen such in scania, but not for volvo yet?

  10. Great mod, Ohaha! BUT!

    I can’t lift my axel without my game crashing. Please fix this 🙂

  11. Can i have the template plz?

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