Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v 18.1.1s


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Version 18.1.1s:
– Fixed glass material on taillights
– Fixed fenders for 4×2 (they were covering part of the license plate)

DOWNLOAD 32 MB [Sharemods]

14 Responses to Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v 18.1.1s

  1. deineMudda says:

    nice truck. pls add some interior in the next version 🙂

  2. Emir13 says:

    It needs interior addons! It is wonderful but stuff as MTP made should fit perfectly!!

  3. DBB1984 says:

    Thx for the super awesome truck, i have used it from your first version i think, however i’d ike to add that when driving i’m not able to se the stone shield from the interior? and is it possible for you to add an indicator for when axle is up?

    best regards

  4. Vignes66 says:

    Very nice work, Thanks. But I prefer the previous version “18.0.1” with a chrome version of the “Warrior FH16 H f_light_s”.

  5. rall says:

    why don’t you modding fh2012?
    we can’t apadting anything. for example; tire bearing sound..
    your 2013 has a lot of accessory but we con not add anything..
    I follow your google drive folder for fh2012 🙂

    and last thing; you must adapt a nice interior(pedals&shift stick) for fh2009..

  6. sick says:

    i prefer mtp’s fh2012; because its fh2012 and has a lot of realistic addons(fire extinguisher, plate in interior, front glass accessories)

  7. Wellington says:

    Tks Ohaha

  8. Vader says:

    Thank you! Really does not need a password.You’re the best driver of a Volvo.:))) Always I use your mod. I change only skin! Thanks again!

  9. Hedegaard says:

    Hi guys..
    I have heard from Ohaha, that he doesnt do any support on the truck if you get it from here..

  10. H9Jin says:

    add 1500hp Engine Plx

  11. Ledipekka says:

    Can you make it so that the window protective mesh could be visible from inside the cab-view?

  12. Marko says:

    How to removw ohaha dashboard signature?

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