Volvo FH 2013 [ohaha] v18.3s


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– new tandem accessory – tipper
– side-skirts for tandem chassis (plastic, truckpaint, box color)
– reworked wipers base a little
– reworked headlights
– various tweaks and fixes


Before activating the new version of the mod, you should go to a truck shop and revert to a basic configuration (4×2, Sleeper cab, no custom accessories, if possible). Or sell the truck. Also applies to hired drivers’ vehicles.
Errors due to missing accessories, generated by the changes in the definition files structure will be permanent, otherwise.
After activating the new version, buy them again (I tried making most of the add-ons a lot cheaper than vanilla).


DOWNLOAD 35.5 MB [sharemods]

9 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2013 [ohaha] v18.3s

  1. puffitheone

    Thx again.Btw can you update also your daf,i have a problem with the trailer attach point…

  2. I cant change the cab from the small to the 2 bigger cabs.. it makes my game crash

    also it does it when i want to switch back from the 2 big cabs to the small one..

    i dont wanna drive just small cabs, any idea what this could be??

  3. Te bumper for the crane sideskirts isn`t working you can`t get it in the tuning shop. PLS! fix it. thx

    1. Ok i found the problem! There is a mistake in:FH16_2013_v18.3s_ohaha.scs\def\vehicle\truck\volvo.fh16_2013\accessory\nguard_s\8x4a_crane2. Instad of: suitable_for[]: “”
      It says: suitable_for[]: “”
      Just change this and it will work.

      1. from suitable_for[]: “” it should be change with suitable_for[]: “” or inversely

  4. Official HD 1080p 60FPS video:

  5. can you make Volvo logo in the l g spot near the volvo logo in the middle

  6. Wellington

    Uhuuuuuuu lets play again.

    Thx, Ohaha

    1. hi there ohaha. liking this volvo mod. i dont know if its just me but it seems the reflection on this truck has less shine to it? is there a way i can make it look like it jus been polished?

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