Volvo FH 2013 ohaha v18.4.3s



– updated mapping on main, side and front mirrors. they are now mapped to dots near the upper left corner, marked with some squares on the template.
– updated templates.
– updated tandem trailers mod


DOWNLOAD 44 MB [sharemods]

25 Responses to Volvo FH 2013 ohaha v18.4.3s

  1. Wellington says:


    Thanks Ohaha,

  2. deineMudda says:

    is this Wood-Train in this pack included? it looks so awesome !

  3. Gslv99 says:

    Where is the trailers? Can’t fnd them?

  4. LE says:

    Where is the trailer?, Icant find it, and I have slept ingame two times

  5. Rene says:

    can’t find the trailers

    • wegger says:

      Standalone ?

    • H says:

      The trailers/Cargos is namned TT trailers.. soo please.. dont be so quick to download..

  6. Wa says:

    I can`t fiind the trailer

  7. Epsilon04 says:

    Guys, for have the trailer you need to click on download link “” and then download the file with this name : “FH16_2013_TTrailers_v1.0.1”

    Sorry for my english :/

  8. Grandpa says:

    Do I have to remove old mod?

  9. jarno says:

    de trailer doet het niet iemand link of plek waar ik die kan downloaden?
    laat het dan ff weten

  10. rainer says:

    to strongly colored windows. come before me as I drive with attached Sunglasses

  11. Ledipekka says:

    Stonequard still not visible from inside the cab?

  12. JN says:

    Your mods are A+ all the way, man.

  13. shimon says:

    please make a Volvo logo in the middle s , g ,l green circle I want 2 Volvo logo thanks

  14. Xavier says:

    its a good mod
    can you add
    1. darken window and headline cover
    2. more lowered chassis

  15. 0683222 says:

    There is no skin template?

  16. Tobias_Rieper_GER says:

    I tried this mod on V1.17 Public Beta…
    Game crashes, when i wanna choose a Chassis.

  17. dany says:

    want to ask .. ??? whether, .. This mod works in version 1.16.2 … thanks if only .. work at top version

  18. Ira says:

    Does this work on version 1.18.2? If the answer is yes, please reply y let me know immediately, thanks!

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