Volvo FH 2013 v 14.0


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Standalone Volvo FH 2013 Truck

– New chassis variants: 8×4 and 6×2 Tandem
– All chassis versions support adding side skirts and exhausts
– The default truck, in 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8×4 variants, comes without any rear wheel arches (fenders) – these are now optional accessory, in plastic or painted versions (except 8×4).
– Reworked cabin to accept glass panel on the side
– Reworked headlights
– Improved reflection of projectors
– Added black background for FH16
– Reworked taillights – LED’s for parking light
– Reworked engine grids
– Higher reflection (chrome effect) on FH16
– Added two extra grids, linked to 750BHP engines
– Painted wipers’ base
– Painted panel above windshield (forehead)
– New type of projectors available on the forehead
– Added LKW-Schilds (L, G, V, TIR signs) on the upper engine grid
– Added accessory group to lower engine grid (you can add small lights, to various locations, including turn signals)
– Added custom decal on the forehead (you can change it by editing
– Added accessory group to the back of Globetrotter cabins, with various safety signs and speed limits (50, 70, 80, 90 etc.)
– Added accessory group to the rim of the Globetrotter XL cabin, enabling you to add custom lights
– Added accessory group to the back of Globetrotter cabins, for three types of custom lights (park, brake, reverse)
– Two vertical exhaust pipes for Globetrotter XL cabin
– Custom mirrors with markers to add small lights, including turn signals
– Two new roof bars – one for Sleeper cabin (a rework of a default SCS beacon) and one for Globetrotter XL (similar to original Volvo RoofBar)
– A few custom paintjobs
– Starting with 12.5s the front engine grids are disconnected from the engine type. You can switch them in truck shop. Just look for a marker called C_EQUIP (somewhere on the floor level, behind the cab, visible from front and sides).
– Starting with 13.1s the default SCS chrome finish is also available
– A few vertical exhaust pipes added.
– Rear fenders mudflaps as accessories in truck shop

Authors: SCS Software, ohaha


21 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2013 v 14.0

  1. Could you please, Pleaase make the cab camera back to normal, i kinda dislike the current one, thats the only downside, but other the that, Great and awesome mod, keep up the awesome job n_n

    1. In the new version of ETS2 you can adjust your seat! No cab camera mod is relevant anymore, just set yourself up.

    1. Mihai, asemena modi merita propagate.Modul e al lui original si pe deasupra de o functionalitate de invidiat 🙂

      1. si ce propui 🙂

        1. propun sa promovezi pe video pe cat posibil numai modi functionale si originale 🙂 Dar tu faci pana cum bine ce faci…doar cu mici exceptii :p

  2. Very well done! Thank you for this wonderful mod!

  3. playstationman

    Love It!! thank you!!

  4. Really nice mod. 🙂

  5. Please fix right mirror, it hangs in the air

  6. fix the turning lights, if the right turning light is on, left one is flashing aswell. but that is only in the rear part of the truck

  7. Rastyflake

    EXCELENT WORK! I think this is the best truckmod for ETS… great job!

  8. Great truck, I Like This, can you make straight pipe for the sleeper cab?? i think that is great 😉

  9. cwtransport

    could you please make a more powerful engine, i have the trailer mod and like to do heavy hauls and the 750hp almost doesnt have enough power to make it up some off ramps.

  10. cwtransport

    could you please make a more powerful engine, i have the trailer mod and like to do heavy hauls and the 750hp almost doesnt have enough power to make it up some off ramps. everything else is great, i love the truck.

  11. The mod has been updated.
    To remove the camera tweak delete the folder camera from def
    For support visit the official thread on the SCS forum.

  12. Maou_sama

    hi guys!

    i recognise one missing part of the mods. The missing part of the mods:

    When you choose the 8×4 variant the mode not show the fuel tank, air tanks and the tool boxs. Just see the picture:

  13. cutlass26

    I think no one has ever made a better truck mod. I really wish had to be a level of quality to be passed before anyone would release a mod. You set the standard for how things should be done. I haven’t felt the need to use another truck sense this came out, awesome work!

  14. Is it not working with 1.12.1 or what? In my game some things work, like f/e camera or few small changes, but main stuff doesnt work 🙁

  15. Hi your truck is awesome but plz change the stock rear lights when i press the left blinker it works at the same time right blinker also glares

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