Volvo FH 2013 v21.00s


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Changelog v21.00s:
– fixed various things – don’t ask me what, ’cause I have a poor memory. If there was a bug and you can’t see it anymore, then it’s fixed. if it’s still there, mention it, again, maybe this time I’ll get to fix it, too. 😀
– moved steering wheel into separate model, now selectable in Truck Shop (as new feature of 1.25)
– added steering wheel adjustment – you might notice the up/down tilt looks a bit weird, but, at the moment, it’s all you get : P
– added a new accessory called BACKPANEL, in interior. There is one accessory available for it, not much, but it’s the best I could come up with, atm. You are more than welcome to make more stuff, compatible with it! 🙂
– you can now turn a bit more to the right, to make it possible to select the back panel node.
– er… some other stuff I can’t remember now.

– Work with all DLC´s
– work & test on v1.25
– Tandem Version, 4×2, 6×2 etc..
– Many Addons and new Parts

•truck SCS Software
•tweaks, additions and rebuilt parts ohaha
•tandem variant based on Flemming V’s mods.
•DLC skins pack update by Kilonum
•bug hunting – this forum’s users.

SCS & Ohaha


10 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2013 v21.00s

  1. 1080p test-

  2. FH 2012?? on top you got FH2013

  3. Canarinho

    This is one of my favorite Trucks, but one think i dont like. the Blue Windows from outside. Thats why i play version 1.24 with earlier Version of this Truck. I hope its not a feature and it would be fix. Then i can upgrade to version 1.25 of ETS2.

  4. nuttywolf3

    Why when I click on “download” I get Google Drive ? Just how do I download this ? Is this mod also in the Steam Workshop ?

  5. get it on Steam, this was uploaded without permission.

  6. nice mod but no mod sound (v8) works with this truck. 🙁

  7. ребята, выкладывайте на альтернативные обменники. а гугл драйв он может засунуть в 1 место себе!

    Friends, lay out alternative exchangers. In Google Drive, he can shove up your ###

  8. SkinnyPesci

    there is a problem with the loaded timber trailer , you cant control it. when im tryin to steer left and to centre the steering wheel , it goes left even if its in centre

    dacă vrei să virezi se duce mult de tot după ce-l centrezi , cu remorca aia încărcată cu lemne .

  9. i likes this mod

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