Volvo FH 2022 v1.1 [1.48]

– Globetrotter cab in two versions (with and without side windows)
– 9 chassis models (2 types of 4×2, 6 types of various 6x, 8×4)
– 4 standard interior styles with a variety of finishes and configurations. A total of 16 interior variants
– 6 types of seats
– The entire range of Euro 6 and TC engines and corresponding transmissions with real sounds
– 4 types of AdBlue tanks, 14 types of mirrors, 21 types of side skirts, 22 types of front grille, 40 types of fuel tanks and a large number and variety of other accessories to choose from
– A completely new high-resolution, fully digital dashboard with support for fading digits, ambient light and other features
– Realistic main screen with various screens
– Additional corner blind spot camera (experimental mode)
– Functioning blind spot sensors
– High-quality detailed hubs, nuts, covers, Alcoa discs in the range, as well as a range of Michelins tyres in all standard sizes etc…

Version 1.1:
– Added working tachograph in the top side of cab
– Added slots for extra lights on the front grille including special mounts that can be black, painted or chrome at your choice (7 variants). Stylish chrome strips have also been added as an optional extra
– Added ASPL strobes in two operating modes – amber strobe and combined amber + white strobe
– Added Hella LED Markers in three colours (white, orange, red) and in two versions: standard plastic and luxury DuraLED with Stainless Rim
– Added new Hella work lamp Q90 (replaced all the work lamps on the truk + can be installed as additional work lights on the rear bumper and on the door steps on the sides). So it possible to mount 7 work lamps on the truck now
– Added all new Hella Jumbo 320 Full LED
– Added bottom grill bars (9 variants), front grill bars (12 variants), side bars (2 variants, not for all schassis)
– Added new sideskirts with radar for the following chassis: 4×2 long, 6×2 pusher, 6×2 pusher steerable, 6×2 taglift, 6×2 taglift steerable, 6×4, 6×4 TAAXLIFT
– Added markers on cab deflectors
– Some fixes in the DEF



9 thoughts on “Volvo FH 2022 v1.1 [1.48]

  1. Low deck ????

  2. Please add a six speed gearbox for logitech shifters and others

  3. please add a uk cab. It’s a volvo FH, sold all over the uk and you make a mod with no uk cab……well done

  4. stolen mod, not the official download link

    1. these are serious accusations! Can you prove what you are saying?

      1. Hello … On SCS forum the official link is not this one.
        Moreover the mod is available on the steam workshop.

  5. no front bullbar slot

  6. MohSkinner


  7. Sam Viper Transporte

    Hello Sanax
    It would be really great if an 18 speed gearbox would be added to the truck and an engine with 1500 hp. 😉
    I think that this mod is not stolen, since the link here is offered by Modsfire and they belong to SCS, as well as the link from ShareMods. And as long as the original links are used, no sieve steel would exist.

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