Volvo FH 3rd Generation v1.10

Changelog v1.10
Completely remodeled interior (L2H2, L2H3, L3H3)
Lowered lightbox luminance (less halo around patterns at night)
Fixed fakeshadow disappearing when lowering suspension
Some other bug fixes I cannot recall

Own interior;
Animation of the glass;
Their sounds from Kriechbaum;
Support for DLC Cabin Accessories;
Support for DLC HS-Schoch Tuning Pack;
DLC Flag support;
Diverse tuning and accessories;

johnny244: external modeling, internal modification, ETS2 conversion.
kriechbaum: engine sound
Software for SCS: interior (low poly and high poly).


2 thoughts on “Volvo FH 3rd Generation v1.10

  1. Cool mod! Nice reworked. Just noticed one mistake. In the cabin camera the fuel gauge always showing it’s full even when the tank is almost empty 😉

  2. @dr_jaymz

    very nice model, very nice indeed…

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