Volvo FH 4S Tandem Maxima

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Truck is standalone,sold at VOLVO dealership
Truck has tuning parts, paintable, lightmask
No interior! But I am planning to update this mod, so it will have interior,cabin accesories DLC soon.

Trailer replaces Krone Cool Liner
Has own wheels

Tested in 1.27 version

Nikita, Gytis


13 thoughts on “Volvo FH 4S Tandem Maxima

  1. arnuX LTU

    ### very thanks for this mod i wait this for so long gytis you best xd

  2. arnuX LTU

    its good mod but its have big bugs like missing steering wheel and when i buy truck game crash so can you fix that bugs. Sory for mi english

    1. noelasegg

      Same it crashes fo rme too and interior is comming soon!

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  4. Dat Lumpi

    no Steering Wheel why?

    1. Because it is not adapted completely to newest version, I’m working on that,update is coming soon.

  5. Hi Gytis,

    it need also a fix about the license plates at the rear of the truck. Twice are one to much.
    And maybe you can connect your FH with Eugen’s Volvo? It would be a better work hand in hand.

  6. – руля нет

  7. yamandrea…aspettiamo+l+aggiornamento+che+ci+maderai???

  8. Bugs!!!! Nice job on the mod, but I understand about the missing steering wheel. Here is my list

    Blinker sound turns on then it stops?
    Engine sound in cabin is really weak…..
    Truck performance seems jacked up as well. Not much power for some reason.

    Love the Maxim scheme.

  9. Im patiently waiting for a interior 🙂 Hope it comes soon

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