Volvo FH 750 + Trailer *Sarantos Performance Edition*

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Volvo FH 750 + Trailer Sarantos Performance Edition
Standalone Trailer
Volvo FH750
Link for the Sarantos Performance edition, big thanks for JULIEN LHEUREUX and KILLIAN POL the big SCAMMER of FRANCE community Now for all for free !!

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12 thoughts on “Volvo FH 750 + Trailer *Sarantos Performance Edition*

  1. Looks nice, but brings my game to crash as soon as clicked on it in shop, so sad. But anyways ty for sharing.

    1. texasman

      works only !!! in DX11, mods from DX9 are not working together with the Volvo

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  3. RastyCzech

    Hello, why i have so low fps if i have look from interior ? I have 1060 3gb graphic and intel core 5

    1. CristianB

      The 3D model has a lot of polygons and it’s killing the computer. You need a powerfull PC to handle detailed models

    2. texasman

      Your PC is too small is a low power pc you got sir…..
      you need min I7 and graphics 8GB minimum

  4. its nice mod but if i going to first person camera its drops my fps to 3 and also i have 2070 ti graphics card fix it

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…DX11

  6. password???

  7. saper77714

    Great mod, just use it, many thanks to the author!!! we are waiting for the next works, such as R999 and Hurricaner!!!

  8. Hello, I think the MOD is very good. My question is whether there is the possibility to change what on the truck? I would like to insert the name of my virtual freight forwarder in the lightbox. Lg Elton

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