VOLVO FH Classic


Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL cab.
3 type of chassis.
Work fine with 50k addons and light pack by Bilbao.
Tested on 1.10.1 version.

Peerke and Freddy J


8 thoughts on “VOLVO FH Classic

  1. The skins dont show up to purchase in game, however they are in the paintjob folder?

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Ramin’s attitude is too wore to give a “normal” answer,

    But this time i don’t take any responsabillity, because i have reallye nothing to do with this, and i don’t want to be either!

  3. I modified peerke’s model.
    I apologize if I have jeopardized copyrights.

  4. Peerke145 this guy take upgrada to this volvo

  5. hey can i get the template please….

  6. if the author of this mod could make the truck skinable, then i would be pleased 🙂

  7. DorleijnTruckspuiterijETS2

    Can i please get a template ??

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