Volvo FH Danish – Dutch + Interior Falk ivery


Truck by: …
dbülow, Punisher, Geoffroy, Peerke

Falk Skin by Mark Bluemanic & Freddy Jimmink

Interior by Freddy Jimmink


7 thoughts on “Volvo FH Danish – Dutch + Interior Falk ivery

  1. Tried it just now, thank you for sharing, great mod looks very nice, no glitches found.

  2. Great !! I find this truck generaly ugly .. but looks amazing with the *Holland Style* on it. This would look even better on Scania and the Scania 2008. Just one thing tho .. is it realy necessary to have a default paint on the sideskirts and the front grill ? Other then that,keep doing a great job guys. Cheers

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks gentlemen,

    This is the first skin on this truck and i am experimenting how to get more skins in 1 mod, but that will take time.

    But keep thois site really in mind and become member of



  4. Hello Freddy…

    It`s a very good Interior.

    My Question: It`s a possible that Interior from
    the Mod “Daf Bring” to be installed.

    Thanks in Advance


  5. truckergeerard

    hi freddy i love youre work man fenominal;i have a question; can you make a BLUE curtain interior for the Scania 2009?????
    it will be great if you can make this;theres no nice blue curtains on internet thanks and thank you!!!

    greetings from hollland!!!

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks all, i will keep it all in mind, my laptop is broken down and i have to do it on an old laptop where i can’t install ets 2 so if You have a little patiance i will come back on all Your requests

    And for all after these requests i don’t take any other requests because i will keep time for myself, thank You all


    Freddy Jimmink

  7. truckergeerard

    thank you freddy i hope you can make a blue curtain for Scania 2009 anyway thank you thank you thank you
    thank you; oh my computer is infected hahahaha

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