Volvo FH & FH16 2012 v 3.0

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This is a remake of a default Volvo FH16 2012 by SCS Software with tons of new stuff added,
such as new bumpers, sideskirts, roofbars. New engines and transmissions, reworked chassis,
reworked headlights and many more

changelog 17.05.17
– 8×4 chassis, 2 cabin options (Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL)
– 14 speed gearboxes (12+2)
– New HQ mirrors, improved mapping on outside mirrors
– Improved mapping on “Mask” part, added Chrome + Paint option
-some small fixes from previous version

Eugene, SCS, DANZ, AlexeyP, Piva


10 thoughts on “Volvo FH & FH16 2012 v 3.0

  1. leti7kedil

    Good work. Add low deck in next version pls

  2. Pourquoi le dossier est en zip

    1. Le Dossier zip il faut mettre comme il est dans le Dossier des Mods.
      Pas besoin de changer quelque chose.

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  4. grill paint and remove the backwindow..

  5. Spassibo towarish!

    Biggest thanks to you and your fantastic work!
    That’s the greatest truck all the time. Thank you for the investing time do you have spend.

  6. Does anyone know where I can find the curtains in the first picture?
    I have Cab Acc. DLC but it isn’t in the mod :/

  7. Great mod. But I have the axle lights on every time on, even when engine is off.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for reworking the God’s Truck (Saku Simpanen in the Volvo Trucks video on YouTube said it, not me…). SPLENDID! With the overabundant modification parts to choose, the grass on the other’s side (Scania) doesn’t look greener in my eyes anymore :))))))

    Sorry for being whiny and asking too much after this, but here are some personal inputs for improvement in the future:
    1. The engine-brake’s feeling is a little bit weird, if not weaker than the vanilla version. I am still inexperienced about trucks and how they really behave both in the game and the real world, but if it is how it should be then it is all fine and the fault is on my side.
    2. Do you mind adding the Allison gearbox, please?
    3. Don’t overwork it and have a good diesel! 😉

  9. this mode contains errors,to the buttons at the door,
    the pavement is visible through it,and
    where the mirror side is connected
    if you lift up the chair position there is a bug,please fix it,and make please the interior from UK version

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