Volvo FH Generation III (fix)


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Volvo Truck with tuning, wheels
Were replaced with the rear wings, added some details to the salon.
Tested 1.15 version

Authors: Volk86, Dadus, Ventyres


3 thoughts on “Volvo FH Generation III (fix)

  1. shakir1975


  2. Fix of what??? first is a highpoly model, just 1 cab, all chassis (minus the 4×2) are with the wheels in the wrong places, uk interior is missing textures, side mirror interior is missing texture, you say is the volvo fh, but the engines are the same of the fh16, the lightbox is empty, the mirrors have problem if you try change it, the only thing you can change are the wheels, the front mirror don’t work (no reflection).

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