Volvo FH MK1 1.39

> Globetrotter XL Cabin
> 4×2 chassis
> 5 engines (380, 420, 460, 470, 520)
> Own interior and animation
> 3 transmission (SR and VT)
> Lightmask
> Baked AO
> Support DLC CA
> Cables
> Animation of wipers and windows
🔺Interior animation:
> Windows
> Wipers
> Steering wheel
> Steering column
> Speedometer
> Tachometer
> Air brake pressure
> Engine water temperature
> Battery potential
> Engine oil pressure
> Fuel gauge
> Manifold pressure (turbo anim)
> Analog clock
> Many buttons and indicators
🔺 Accessories:
> 5 types of bumper
> 2 types of radiator grille
> 2 types of front fenders and 4 types of rear fenders
> 2 types of door handle
> 2 types of window frame
> 8 types of mirror
> 2 types of front mirror
> 2 types of side mirror
> 5 types of sunshield
> 12 types of lightbox
> 4 types of roof grill
> 4 types of front grill
> 3 types of headlight grill
> 4 types of left fuel tank
> 2 types of right fuel tank
> 3 types of rechargeable batteries
> 2 types of main turn signals
> 2 types of panel in salon (wood and plastic)
> Sideskirt
> Hood deflectors
> Additional turn signals
> 3 types of additional headlights (frontgrill, roofgrill sunshield)
> 2 types of number frame
> 5 colors of interior lights



11 thoughts on “Volvo FH MK1 1.39

  1. AzoraxModdingGaming


    What a great mod the best MK1 out there you should make a forum for this mod and keep it updated !!!

  3. Zaffir Ahmed

    Why Cant I Connect A Trailer To It?
    It Gets Stuck In Front Of The Trailer And So I Cannot Reverse Under The Trailer To Get The Press “T” To Connect Trailer Option.

    1. Try to deactivate the advanced coupling system in the settings 🙂

  4. Hélder Santos

    Hello, I really liked the mod but I would like to suggest some future changes: more chassis options and open pipe.
    I also noticed that near the front headlights there is a small aberration in the color of the truck.

  5. Template?

  6. Great. you close mod and i cant add 6 speed manual transmision…

  7. Its a nice mod, but why did you not inclued a template, and maybe more you know holland style bumper addons

  8. César 0ñ

    Please add a transmission with retarder

  9. This mod alone is the reason I wish SCS was able to strike deals with the manufacturers to include older trucks in the base game. ####, this is probably my favourite truck of all time.

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