Volvo FH Omega Polzon Tandem

Omega-Polzon-Tandem-1 Omega-Polzon-Tandem-2 Omega-Polzon-Tandem-3

First, let me say that credit goes to Flemming V for his outstanding work on the BDF Tandem mod. Thank you!

There are 3 files enclosed – 2 are a MUST to put in your mod folder, and the other is an OPTION if you want JUST the Profiliner in the game, and no other Tandem.

It’s all explained in the READ ME file, so I’m not going to repeat myself here. This was for a special request that someone asked nicely. So what the heck, nice to give back I always say.

You can follow me on Facebook, just Google BOBBO662 or B62, and I do have a website – which is posted on my Facebook page.

Thank you Flemming, again, for the wonderful work on the BDF Tandems, I really do enjoy making them for the game.

Enjoy – Robert (Bobbo662)

Authors: FLEMMING V & BOBBO662


3 thoughts on “Volvo FH Omega Polzon Tandem

  1. Ok, so it’s not trucks, and I mis-spelt the name on the title hahaha … it’s actually skin, and the spelling is Pilzno

  2. Polzon ahhhh

    Thanks for Omega Pilzno!

    1. Your welcome.

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