Volvo FH S.Verbeek Truck Skin [Fixed]

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Today i am bringing another S.Verbeek skin, that applies to the Volvo FH16 2013 By Ohaha. So make sure you have the Volvo FH 2013 By Ohaha in order for the skin to work. Aswell if you want the lightbox to work put the skin as higher priority than the truck in ModManager.
Anyways enjoy the skin!

Keep original download link. And give credits

TuRBoO, Ohaha,


2 thoughts on “Volvo FH S.Verbeek Truck Skin [Fixed]

  1. Desire1995

    Absolutely Fan-Tas-Tic Skin! Id like to see some skins from you 😉 +sub

  2. kan dit ook voor de ohaha volvo en voor 1.31

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