Volvo FH Sound v1.0

New motor sound for Volvo truck. Version v1.0
Author: mesutxf


7 Responses to Volvo FH Sound v1.0

  1. Martin says:

    Deam i have tryd this mod now, and i really love it 😀 and i would love to see another version of this mod 😀 keep going man :O

  2. Richard says:

    I cant say i liked it. The engine sound is terrible.

  3. cold says:

    This Mod Not Working

  4. AustinStrasz says:

    this mod is in wrong format.
    it should be mono instead of stereo.

  5. Riku says:

    where did you get that display??

  6. KASE94 says:

    Cant download, it says suspended

  7. carsten says:

    very nice sound, love the bass and everything. cheers

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