Volvo FH12

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This mod have a lot of tunnig.
Work on 1.25.
Have a problem with a steering wheel on 1.26 and higher. Need update.

Кирилл Красноперец


11 thoughts on “Volvo FH12

  1. because to my game crashes out for 1.27.x.x!!!!

    1. Tremonia1974

      learn to read

      1. yes.. because the not ETS2 1.27.2 it for crash game!!!

    2. ikeafurnitures

      best grammar 10/10

  2. work in 1.26?

    1. It works but the steering wheel doesn’t move !

  3. BerberModding

    You’r PMD are locked,so i can’t update the truck

  4. What the hell?? Who’s exactly on 1.25?? It’s almost 1.28 out.. ###### outdated mods……..

    1. Does this work?

    2. It is private mod. This version was published 2-3 month ago and momentaly was deletet.
      It works on 1.25, 1.26 & (maybe) 1.27 (I don’t play now for ets), but have some bugs with steerling wheel. Maybe someone can update it. This mod was a private and updated for autor, but update was be modelled for selled version.

  5. Слили?

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