Volvo FH12-16 I Generation v 2.0 Nikola Edit

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Volvo FH I Generation v2.0 Final version
In my opinion, the best 3D game model of this truck… This mod for fans of realism – nothing superfluous.
Mod updated to the numerous requests of the lover of this truck. This mod is not an easy story. He was stolen from the author, who in fact is Taina95. Sergei Lunin for a long time selling this mod by impersonating himself as an author. To somehow hide the fact of theft, he unprofessionally replaced the interior with the interior from another foreign truck. Therefore, the animation did not work either.
I managed to update and return the whole set of interior functions from Taina95. In the mod there are some details of tuning added by Sergey Lunin: license plates, stickers for lightboxes and fuel tanks. Who is the author of these details I do not know…

– Standalone truck in Volvo dealer;
– 1 “Globetrotter XL” cabin;
– 1 “4×2” chassis;
– 4 D12C real engine 340,380,420,460HP; 1 D16B real engine
520HP; 1 Cummins X15 ISX real engine with EGR system 605HP
which was installed on this truck model for the Australian
segment of carriers;
– 1 real Volvo range/splitter gearbox VT2514B with retarder;
– completely redesigned to the Volvo factory settings engine and
transmission parameter’s, phisics of chassis, cabin and interior
– Original interior;
– Reworking and updated sound’s;
– Painted and added new color’s;
– Many original tuning;
– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories;
– Completely redesigned sound for the greatest coincidence
with the original. Added digital tachograph sound’s. The
development uses the sounds of the authors: odd_fellow &
– New realystic and more readable dasboard computer
display by Piva;
– GPS navigator Garmin 50 LMT with reality design &
background by AlexeyP;
– Real design payment module Platon by AlexeyP for
Russian map;
– Fixed position of accessories on the windshield. Added fully
new original “glass set’s” by Jeyrey-16;
– A large number of various original pennants & scarf’s for
installation on the windshield from the author Jeyrey-16. All
models converted in new format;
– For convenience, the mini mirrors are integrated directly into
the mod.
What’s new in final 2.0 version:
1. Animation of the interior of the truck is fully restored. The
tachometer and paddle shifters now work.
2. Corrected sounds of noises and wheels.
Special great thanks to the authors of the add-ons used in
the mod!!!

Mod was tested on latest game version – & must work in 1.28 Beta path.

Please, do not repload my mod! Respect my work! I live in a war zone of Donbass and modding gives a small income.Please keep original link if you post it somewhere.

Thank you for understanding! Good game!

Reworking & adaptation: Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass) Authors: Taina95


26 thoughts on “Volvo FH12-16 I Generation v 2.0 Nikola Edit

  1. Maik Kantrowicz

    Without template…….. MAKE A TEMPLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. RagnarModding

      Make ur own template ##### or make ur own truck. Oh u cant that, so shut up and go in ur hole where u come from . ###### piece of ####

      1. Dear mister @RagnarModding, maybe he didn’t make the request nicely, but it’s no reason to start offending him.. It’s a shame modders and people are talking this way.
        So Nikola, is there a chance for making a template please? (I’m also interested in that, not only showing the right way to ask for things 😉 )

  2. Authors Sergey Lunin, Dadus, Prezmek, Phantom94, Volk 86

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      It’s just a lie. Lunin was never the author of this model. I am a person who is absolutely not interested, I do not trade mods and in life I have got used to rely only on facts. All that Lunin did was to remake a strange fashion to his own taste, called himself his author and started selling to the right and left credulous players. This is dishonest and is called fraud. I have updated and redone not one old mod for players and I will never come up with the idea to call myself the author of any of them and even more to put up for sale

      1. fullxpert

        Спасибо за исправление тахометровой стрелки!как перейду на версию 1.28 игры сходу скачаю себе эту Вольву.Мирного неба Вам над головой!!!

        1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

          Мод обновлен под 1.27. Пользуйтесь и спасибо за пожелания! 🙂

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    Nice Mod
    HD Video Test 1.28…

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      Thank’s for good test video! 🙂

      1. PolishdriverTrucker

        I make the Video for me not for you!! You are a reuplder!!!

  4. FoxOnTheBox

    The truck looks really nice, very nice model and lots to customise. Thank you for the update and sharing, keep up the good work.

    HD Video tested on 1.28

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      And thank you for evaluating my work and for a good video test! 🙂

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video… Thanks Nikola !

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      And thank you for a good video test! 🙂

  6. Need a fix with the wipers

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      For 1.28? Later…

  7. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

    Who on 1.28 has problems with wiper deflection, I recommend removing three folders daf_xf, man_tgx and scania_rcab_2009, which lie along the path vehicle / truck / …

    1. Thanks, this fixed my problem

    2. Hey Nikola, I have got a problem with your truck in 1.30. With your truck enabled I don’t have any sound in the scs next gen scanias. Can you fix it?

  8. Nikola(Konstantin привет как тебя найти мне надо машину адаптировать одну

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      tornado9155551 собака

  9. hey the gps doesn’t work for me, it only shows europe map

  10. Greek Driver

    Very good truck nice job

    Test Video

  11. How to disable small mirrors please?

  12. It works on 1.30, but there’s a bug in the sound: the volvo sounds ok but make all iveco trucks mute

    1. Not only Iveco, but all others as seems. Tested myself Scania and MB – no sound.

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