Volvo FH12 1’s V2


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My one of the best mods.
HQ textures
Standalone truck
Color Metalic
Version: 1.22.x

Authors: Wieczek, Pawel92, Grzeses, 50k and Domas225, Rafala


10 Responses to Volvo FH12 1’s V2

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    What´s new ?? i see no Change…
    HD Test Video…

  2. Scaniadriver of rh trucking says:

    awesome job mate
    (if your writings mean that you created this one)
    respect and greets

  3. Domas225 says:

    WAT? That is my mod. Why you write this? “My one of the best mods.”

  4. 4004 says:

    Any reason why this doesn’t have the the usual dash computer to the left of the wheel?

  5. FragmaniaGame says:

    1080p HD Test Video:

  6. Miszczu says:

    Pobiore a wspiore polakow ;)!!

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