Volvo FH12 460


-Updated and reworked.
-Added D12A 460 and D12A 460 tuned engines.
-Cabins in the right order.
-Fully functional interior.

Tested in 1.9.x game version.

KNOWN BUG:Failed setting indices.Doesn’t affect the truck or the

Enjoy! 🙂

tasos978, Volk_86


5 thoughts on “Volvo FH12 460

  1. work on 1.8.x ?

  2. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Very nice volvo.

    I’ve made a video, go check it out:

  3. it’s bad because it replce all the volvo types and how about the Rouault ranger and daf euro 6

  4. works great in: 1.8.x

  5. great mod, but yet still the turbo boost guage doesnt work 🙁 hopefully you can perfect that only bug as no one else seems to be doing it

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