Volvo FH12 480 – Globetrotter XL

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9 Responses to Volvo FH12 480 – Globetrotter XL

  1. killstone says:


  2. admin says:

    New link, download now

  3. leopard says:


  4. killstone says:

    Thank you

  5. admin says:

    leopard, download now – no password

  6. zack says:

    I’m looking for Volvo FMX. where can i got it?

  7. hex says:

    What a stupid convoluted download process.
    An exe that wants to install toolbars, then downloads the rar while at the same time opening the normal sendspace page where the rar could be downloaded normally.
    Seriously, who needs all that crap?
    Just upload the rar for normal download.

    All that and no comment about the truck, because at this stage I haven’t even tried it yet.

    That should tell you something about how much this kind of crap pisses off the people you would supposedly like to use your mod.

  8. hex says:

    Well now I got around to putting it in game to see if all the dowload nonsense would fade away at the sight of a nice well finished truck.

    I dont have any other volvo mods installed, or anything else that could conflict with this.
    So the rear of the cab being transparent from the front… no seats…. a second sun visor lying inside the cab… ummmm…..

    The ratio here of good well made truck mods, to clearly rushed stuff or half-assed conversions by authors who dont seem to be interested in finishing anything to a decent standard, is pretty sad.

    If you dont care about doing it properly that’s ok, but at least just keep it for your own use, or share it with your buddies if they dont care either.
    But the amount of stuff uploaded here in this kind of state, as finished mods that others are supposed to want to use is ridiculous.

    Fortunately there is some good stuff to enjoy, and no need for this crap.


  9. Geko says:

    sadly i have to agree with Hex,

    the sheer amount of complete bullshit & half arsed unfinished mods on here is staggering,

    fortunately between the mnay #### mods there are some genuinely good mods..

    the dumbarse mod hosting sites are a joke aswell ..
    all that advertising and jumping thru hoops to simply download a mod ..what a load of crap that is…if thats how it works in europe i genuinely feel sorry for you blokes ,
    europe must be overloaded with dickheads ..

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