Volvo FH12 edited by Solaris36 v 2.0

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Original model by (Known modders):

Taina95, Inmen, Domas225, Pawel92, maPriv,
Mar3krugel, Justin, Sergey Sergeyev, Seraoki,
Pirs, Volk86, Stels, Vinzel, Axeet, Rimuus,
Skorp86, IvanK, Andriuxa56, The4Farming,
Zeus, Dron4ik194, Vasco, Tasos978,
ComandoreOne, Ogneevenko, ILyhaSedioshkin,
Ventyres, Maksim Ogneevenko, Denis Filimovov,
Rimuus, Kamz, Robertas14, Balkanboy, Antique…..

Changelog v2.0:

Added cabin accesories DLC Support.
Transparents sideskirts fixed.
Wheels now fit with original SCS tires and rims (new model too).
Added coloured interior lights (you can buy them at the store).
Fixed excessive reflection on truck.
Lower engine interior volume sound (only a bit).
Added smoke on exhaust (install at the store).
Few corrections on 3D model.
Other minor corrections.

Please inform about bugs or errors.

Solaris36 (more on description)


34 Responses to Volvo FH12 edited by Solaris36 v 2.0

  1. Karina-Moskva says:

    Cool track ! Thanks.

    • solaris36 says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂

      • massey1352 says:

        I know u r not modding any more but could u just do one last thing and make a uk interior pls pls pls?

  2. Stealsth says:

    поддержка скина есть?

  3. Nikolay says:

    Покатался минут семь и игра зависла.

    • solaris36 says:

      У меня есть друзья, которые провели месяцев с этого грузовика гладко.

  4. kazan1234 says:

    have templates?

  5. Blaziken777Sverige says:

    Awesome! 😀

  6. Przem says:

    It was my favourite truck in King of The Road and Hard Truck 2 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂

  7. Nikolay says:

    Может из-за приоритета,я новые моды сначала всегда на самый верх ставлю.

  8. RhastalordTV says:

    1080p60fps ᴴᴰ Review Video of Truck

  9. JashaGaming says:

    HD Test Video —–>

  10. Trucker says:

    The GPS (both of them) in the middle of the front glass…. Just great! A lot of slots for radios vimpels and other things for nothing. Pls fix it. Thank you!

    • solaris36 says:

      Simply: Not install them. Just great!!
      Thank you. 🙂

  11. Ledipekka says:

    Cool old school volvo.Can you make so that there is also other roofbars available?

  12. Lanker says:

    Best FH12 so far, but the sounds IMO ruin it, especially engine sound when you pull of the throttle, it’s little strange. Great truck though 😀

  13. Alex says:

    It’s a good truck, especially in comparation with other volvo trucks.You can do an Volvo FM7 addon for this truck!!!! 🙂 And 2-3 cabins like Volvo FM7 Globetrotter, day cab and long and short cabs with bed etc. Please a lot. Good day and more quality mods!

    Now i try the Renault Magnum Evolution Pack!!!

  14. Danila says:

    Когда включаю фары, то салон весь синий,в чем может быть проблема?

  15. KoMaP1k says:

    Когда включаю фары то салон становиться синим,в чем может быть проблема?

  16. Roktaal says:

    Does anyone have a skin template for this mod?

  17. Le_Wendigo says:

    Can we have a template please ?

  18. Volvo963 says:

    Great mod! Thanks to the author!

  19. keme says:

    are this mod skinnable???

  20. Banshee says:

    Template please

  21. Nerowskymonster says:

    Link please!

  22. massey1352 says:

    Hey solaris36 that is an amazing truck but the only thing about it is there is no uk interior could u make an updated version of the truck and add that in there?

    • Joe the gamer says:

      Solaris stopped modding, so he won’t make an UK interior 🙁

      • massey1352 says:

        Aw u r joking?

        • Joe the gamer says:

          Nope, he was in a conflict with RTA mods, and he decided to make ONLY private mods for him and his friends, and he deleted almost all the download links 🙁 Fortunately, i got his following mods: Volvo FH12, Scania Series 4, MB Actros MP1, Freightliner Classic XL, Renault Magnum Evolution Pack v3.1… If you’re interested, i can make download links…

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