Volvo FH12 + Trailer

Volvo-FH-12+Trailer-1 Volvo-FH-12+Trailer-2

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– AO Interior
– Metallic
– Tandem chassis
– 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 chassis
– Tuning
– Wheels
– Camera
– HQ model

Tested 1.14.x

Authors: Volk_86, Sanek Sentyakov


15 Responses to Volvo FH12 + Trailer

  1. Alex40 says:

    Volvo FH12 + Trailer HD Video

  2. kkondii12 says:

    dlaczego schowki w globie ma od nowszego volva?

    • 4004 says:

      No bo nie sprzedal tyle zeby zrobic normalnie. Co z tego, wciaz samy fajny FH

  3. marti8306 says:

    Why is it so expensive? Is it so hard to change the price of truck???? Every old truck have price like new one. Only Man TGA on this site is in good price. I don’t download this mod!!!

  4. Peter_mx says:

    Sound mod for this truck, please. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Adamisch says:

    am I the only one that the truck doesnt show up for?

    • histy says:

      it is only available in dealers of “europe”, read: not uk

  6. histy says:

    where to start? has a hole near the windshield; the model is highpoly including parts which are not visible; the interior is well made but hipoly; ugly textures (but I liked the chromes); bdf has missing textures so it show all red; dont have a 6×4 chassis; has holes in the fuel tank and it seems that this missing texture, because he’s all red; the badge of the engine is fixed (420), uses the FH 2009 engines; have only one cab; etc…

    • Sumerian_Demon says:

      i tried it, and it has no textures problems, and i definitely liked it, is the only functional volvo FH12 so far, ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. BuraK says:

    I still cannot see this truck in any Volvo dealer?In which cities does this truck show up?Cannot find it?It’s located in 4th place in the dealer even though I removed it ohaha’s Volvo FH Classic edit, it doesn’t even show up?So, what should I do?Start a new game?Plz help.

  8. andify96 says:

    could need some real 1st gen volvo engines 340-520, wouldnt be a problem, and that the badge changes though, but or else, it is the most perfect mod i have ever seen ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. MAKO76 says:

    Very bad truck!!!

  10. Stian Aarrestad says:

    Nice truck! But is there a skinning template for it?

  11. phil says:

    Great truck shame about the tandem works with other volvo mods

  12. The_Driver says:

    Video Volvo FH12 Tandem:

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