Volvo FH12 v 1.3

Volvo FH12 (1) Volvo FH12 (3) Volvo FH12 (2)

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Version 1.3:
– Add New addons
– Add [Volvo Real 24 inch Wheels] by aslan808 & mehdig
– & More

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Author: Taina95


13 Responses to Volvo FH12 v 1.3

  1. lea says:

    pls another downloadlink ! this is sh…… ! thx

  2. lea says:

    pls another downloadlink ! this link is…….. ! thx

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Version on v1.19.1…

  4. Theosz says:


    Will you remove the MB 2014 truck?. A long time is “file not found” in server

    • Taina95 says:

      Did not delete it
      I Contact To find out the problem
      Wait for the next Version it soon

  5. volidas says:

    This is a great mod nice volvo FH12.!!
    But i have notice that the rev counter not working well.
    As you have lock the mod i can’t be sure for the volume you have put on animations.sui and standard.sii in interior of the truck at def files.
    As i see when driving if you change the volume in animations.sui and standard.sii:
    tachometer_anim_min: 300
    tachometer_anim_max: 2200
    Then i think the rev counter is going to work well.
    With all respect.

  6. lea says:

    thanks for new link .-)

  7. Rean says:

    pega na 1.3.1

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