Volvo FH13 500 XL


Replace Volvo Fh16 2009.
Tested on

Model authors: Nik_1MTK, Volk86, Dadus, Ventyres.
Convert/edit: Gyt1s, Kazel, Gastro, Pietras, Maxim Skorinko.

DOWNLOAD 50 MB file-upload
DOWNLOAD 50 MB sharemods

3 Responses to Volvo FH13 500 XL

  1. ali says:

    Is it skinable?!

  2. trucker31 says:

    (EN)I bandage that yes but it is necessary to find the template of the truck.

    (FR)je panse que oui mais il faut trouver le template du camion.

  3. HELP! says:

    hey guys i need help..could someone tell my how can i change Valiant to Volvo,i was trying everething but it wont work :/

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