Volvo FH13 Tandem + trailer v2.0


YouTube preview

Including: tuning, wheels, interior, cabin, chassis, AO textured
Tested 1.12.1 version

Volk86, Dadus, Ventyres, Nik_1MTK, Robertas14


7 thoughts on “Volvo FH13 Tandem + trailer v2.0

  1. Volvo FH13 Tandem + trailer v2.0

  2. Make someone do something about the sound of the engine, that I really terrible …

  3. Gummiente


  4. why the third wheel doesn’t roll?

    1. Esta vida loca

      Is it a real question? It is a lifted axle, typical for tandems and trailers.

  5. The_Driver

    Video Volvo FH13 Tandem Full HD

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